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Alexander Shumilin: The market for intellectual property growing rapidly in Belarus

Alexander Shumilin: The market for intellectual property growing rapidly in Belarus

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Alexander Shumilin: The market for intellectual property growing rapidly in Belarus

The market of intellectual property is rapidly developed in Belarus. Every year a number of licensed agreements, as well as business entities involved in the circulation of intellectual property, is growing. This was announced to the reporters before the opening of the regional seminar on topical aspects of the use of intellectual property rights by Alexander Shumilin, Chairman of the State Committee on Science and Technology of the Republic of Belarus.

According to him, in 2018 Belarus earned about 65 million USD on the sale of intellectual property. ‘If several years ago we could talk about figures of 10-15 million USD, now this figure is confidently approaching 70 million. And the volume of exports of computer services in the past year amounted to more than 1.5 billion USD,’ Alexander Shumilin said.

He also noted that it is difficult to imagine the development of the Belarusian intellectual property system without many years of successful and fruitful cooperation with WIPO. ‘Today’s seminar is a platform for exchanging views and determining future areas for the development. Only during the last three years more than 2,000 innovations requiring a protection were developed and brought to the stage of a practical application within the state sectoral and regional scientific and technical programs in our country,’ the State Committee on Science and Technology said.

In 2018, exports of high-tech and science-intensive products amounted to nearly 14 billion USD. Products were supplied to the markets of 149 countries.

There are a heavy-duty dump truck BelAZ with a carrying capacity of 450 tons, an atomic force microscope that enables to measure the micromechanical properties of materials and microorganisms at the nano level and antitumor agents according to their own unique formulas among the samples of our high-tech science-intensive products. It was in Belarus that such new and well-known companies as Viber, Masquerade and, of course, the tank shooter World of Tanks - a global game with more than 120 million players worldwide - were born.

The intellectual property system as an essential element of support for research and innovation in the country is also regulated at the highest state level. Consecutive steps to improve the intellectual property management system are enshrined in such documents as an intellectual property strategy.

It is expected to develop a new strategy of the Republic of Belarus in the field of intellectual property based on the current challenges of the economy, the development of such areas as IT, robotics and artificial intelligence with the help of WIPO.