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Alexander Shumilin: "smart industry" will become a key factor in the growth of competitiveness

Alexander Shumilin: "smart industry" will become a key factor in the growth of competitiveness
Alexander Shumilin: "smart industry" will become a key factor in the growth of competitiveness

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Modernization of the production sector, including through the widespread use of software and equipment based on artificial intelligence technologies, 3D printing and robotic systems, will allow introducing a new type of intersectoral paradigm in the Republic's industry–"smart industry" ("smart production"), which will become a key factor in increasing competitiveness. Alexander Shumilin, Chairman Of the state Committee for science and technology of the Republic of Belarus, announced this at the opening of the specialized international forum on smartification of the real economy. According to him, the Republic has established the necessary conditions for the digital transformation of the economy: implementing the state program of development of digital economy and information society development strategy, digital banking and the basic document – the decree of the President of the Republic of Belarus № 8 "On the development of the digital economy".
"The process of digitalization of the real sector of the economy is actively supported at the state level and there is every reason to believe that by 2025 the share of the digital economy in our country's GDP will be at least 15%," Alexander Shumilin said. He also noted that in the near future, precision farming, online Commerce, the use of electronic documents in transport and logistics activities will be more widely used, and to solve a wide range of tasks to ensure a comfortable living environment in Belarusian cities, including security, ecology, housing, energy, health and education, it is planned to create a digital platform within the framework of future projects. "In recent years, we have seen a huge growth in digital platforms and their impact on our lives. The digital economy has generated many new trends and ideas for startups. Almost all the largest companies in The world – Google, Apple, Microsoft, Amazon and others – belong to the digital world and are the most powerful tools for innovation," the Chairman of the SCST said.

The development of digital technologies makes a significant contribution to the growth of the economy and exports of Belarus. At the end of 2019, the volume of exports of services in the information and telecommunications technology sector amounted to almost 2.4 billion us dollars. Over the past four years, this sector has demonstrated consistently high growth rates in services exports and their contribution to overall exports. Thus, in comparison with 2015, the total volume of exports of ICT services increased by more than 2 times. Geographically, the main consumers of it services of Belarusian organizations are the countries of North America (41.1%), the European Union (38%) and the EAEU (11.8%).

According to the UN, in 2020, Belarus ranked 40th in the e-government readiness index, maintaining its position as a country with a high level of its value. In the rating of information and communication technologies development of the International telecommunication Union, Belarus took the 32nd position and is the leader in the development of ICT in the CIS region.