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New scientific, technical and innovative projects were discussed at Planar

New scientific, technical and innovative projects were discussed at Planar

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New scientific, technical and innovative projects were discussed at Planar

The precision engineering holding Planar, within the project financed by the Belarusian Innovation Fund, will develop a new model of laser equipment that has no  world analogues. This was announced today by the Chairman of the State Committee on Science and Technology of the Republic of Belarus Alexander Shumilin, during his visit to the enterprise. In his words, a number of new projects and directions are also being implemented within the framework of state scientific and technical programs. In particular, experts are working on a new technology for forming microimages using a matrix containing more than a million micromirrors controlled by a separate algorithm. This will allow for fast imaging with nanometer precision. Another project is the development of an installation for monitoring the introduced defectiveness, able to catch the smallest particles of optical radiation from foreign particles diffuse reflection, using an optical precision elliptical mirror concentrator. This, in turn, will make it possible to detect introduced nanoscale defects.

“The work is state funded and makes a significant contribution to the development of the holding. Within the framework of state scientific and technical programs, a range of special equipment samples of the sixth technological mode, which have no analogues in the post-Soviet space, has been developed and mastered in production,” said Alexander Shumilin. He also noted that the key to the successful development of the enterprise is the close connection of new developments with ongoing market research, that allows organizing the efficient production of innovative products.

Thus, the developed technologies of laser-stimulated deposition of metal-organic matter from the gaseous phase, as well as the technology of nanostructured sublimation of the metallized masking coating of the originals of the VLSI topology on photomasks, helped to create laser-optical equipment recognized as the best in the world after comparative tests with American and Japanese counterparts. In accordance with this methodology, the domestic sample scored 78 points, the American one - 76 points, the Japanese one - 68.5 points. As a result, a sample of this unit is successfully operated at a new plant built by a US-Japan-Taiwan consortium in China, two units have been delivered to Taiwan. The installation showed high performance characteristics: the availability factor, with a three-shift operation mode, according to the results of the first year of operation, was more than 97%; ensured full compatibility with a controlled environment of the ISO-1 level (the highest class of cleanliness of premises in accordance with the international standard SEMI).

Negotiations and pre-contract testing are currently underway with a number of companies from the USA, Japan, Taiwan and China to conclude contracts for the supply of such equipment.

Precision Engineering Holding "Planar" is one of the world leaders in electronic engineering. The enterprise was founded in 1962 as a design bureau, later - the Design Bureau of Precision Electronic Engineering (KBTEM), whose task was to create special technological equipment for the production of semiconductor devices, later - integrated circuits.

Over the past decades, the company has created a scientific school in the field of designing special technological, control and measuring equipment for the production of micro- and nanoelectronic products, based on laser-optical technologies and technologies of precision mechanics.

During the meeting, the Chairman of the State Committee on Science and Technology Alexander Shumilin discussed with the management and the workforce the prospects for the development of the enterprise, as well as the formation of a new State Program for Innovative Development of the Republic of Belarus and the possible participation of the Planar holding in its implementation.