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Commitment to Innovation Strategy

Commitment to Innovation Strategy

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Commitment to Innovation Strategy

Belarus is on the way to improving the manufacturability of the national economy

The socio-economic development of the state, the competitiveness of the national economy in the context of globalization depend not only on the ability to adapt to changes, but also on the level of technology development. Innovation provides structural adjustment and bring variety of products to the market.

Belarus has chosen an innovative way to develop its economy. High-tech projects in the field of medical, biological, information, engineering and agro-industrial technologies are to become the basis for the country's progress and implementation of the state strategy of innovative development for the next five years.

The priority role of innovations is determined by their functions in social development. Firstly, they become a channel for the implementation of scientific and technical results, the intellectualization of work activity, and the increase of science intensity. Secondly, with the help of innovations, unique goods and services are created, their quality is improved, which contributes to the growth and satisfaction of the needs of each person and society as a whole. Thirdly, innovations make it possible to involve new forces in production, produce goods and provide services using less materials, and energy. Thus, innovations - new scientific knowledge, products, technologies, services, equipment, personnel qualifications, organization of production - become the main competitiveness factor in all economically developed countries. It is also obvious that all over the world innovative activity is considered as one of the main conditions for the development of the economy.

The share of gross domestic product growth due to innovation in developed countries usually is about 75%. A case in point is Germany, where almost 100% of GDP is generated through the use of research and innovation. Small and medium-sized businesses provide 78% of employment and 45% of Taiwan's GDP. According to analysts, it is the introduction of new technologies in industrial production that allows for a qualitative breakthrough in the market of goods and services.

The Republic of Belarus also demonstrates a commitment to implementing an innovation development strategy designed to accelerate the transition to a knowledge-based socially oriented economy. Innovation is at the forefront of the new model of economic growth, implemented since 2000. On July 10, 2012 Law No. 425 “On State Innovation Policy and Innovation Activities in the Republic of Belarus” was adopted. The strategic framework is set by the State Program for Innovative Development for 2016–2020, aimed at developing and implementing innovative projects of national importance; development of innovative entrepreneurship; improving the management of the national innovation system; commercialization of results and the formation of a market for scientific and technical products; stimulation of high-tech exports, infrastructure development in the fields of scientific, technical and innovative activities.

The activation of the innovative component of enterprises and the economy as a whole, which is the main direction for real economic growth, is also mentioned in the National Strategy for Sustainable Socio-Economic Development for the Period Until 2020.

Belarus has chosen to follow the innovative path and developed the strategy “Science and Technology: 2018–2040”. According to this key document, the country's progressive development will be based on digital production technologies, including artificial intelligence systems, quantum computers, the Internet of things and the industrial Internet, smart materials, machines and their systems, as well as cross-industry development based on nano-, bio-, space and information technologies. Signed by the head of state on May 7, 2020, decree No.156 determined the direction of development of science and innovation in Belarus until 2025.

Special attention is given to information, medical, biological, engineering and agricultural technologies. The priority is also energy, construction and the environment. Given the increasing level of competition in world technology, the next five-year period should be marked by active involvement in the country development, President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko emphasized on May 5, 2020, while learning about the achievements of Belarusian scientists at the Republican Testing Ground for Mobile Machines of the Joint Institute of Mechanical Engineering (AMI) of the NAS of Belarus.

Today, scientists see the growing role of innovation as a locomotive of the economic and social development of society, emphasizing the priority importance of the intellectual component in the new knowledge economy. The introduction of innovation contributes to the dramatic transformations of the technological method of production and significant resource savings, the emergence of new high-quality products.

And in a market economy - these are the most important factors to increase competitiveness. The results of the implementation of the State Program for Innovative Development of Belarus for 2016–2020 indicate a positive trend.

The growth of all indicators was ensured, which is also confirmed by the Global Innovation Index: in this rating Belarus took 72nd place, having improved its position compared to 2018 by 14 points. Under the State Program for Innovative Development of Belarus, 125 projects are being implemented as a whole (this year - 98). 12 production facilities were put into operation over the past year, and 10 were reached the project capacity. In 2019, innovative products produced more than 1.7 billion rubles, which is 1.5 times more than in 2018. 

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