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Priority areas and top-priority tasks for development of Union State approved up to 2022: outcome of meeting of Supreme State Council

Priority areas and top-priority tasks for development of Union State approved up to 2022: outcome of  meeting of Supreme State Council

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Priority areas and top-priority tasks for development of Union State approved up to 2022: outcome of meeting of Supreme State Council

The results of the Supreme State Council on June 20 are discussed in Minsk: experts, deputies and heads of relevant departments, "24 hours" news program on STV reported.


Alexander Lukashenko and Vladimir Putin held talks privately. They talked for about three hours. There were about 10 points in the agenda of the Supreme State Council meeting. Both leaders held a fruitful meeting in Minsk.



The Presidents considered the priority areas of the development of the Union State for the next five years, discussed the state and prospects of bilateral relations, the implementation of joint projects, the interaction in integration formats also at international venues and an interregional dialogue. Alexander Lukashenko even renewed his invitation to Vladimir Putin, Russian President, to attend the forthcoming Forum of Regions, which will be held in Mogilev in October.



Minsk again became the main supplier of world news. This time the Belarusian-Russian vector is at the center of attention of reporters. The 21st session of the Supreme State Council was very informative. Yes, and how else. The reporters were waiting for the bright and sensational headlines. The traditional late arrival of the Russian President was not even noticed during the interview with the profile ministers and participants. Journalists joked: it's only an hour.



These are friendly and trusting relations. This is the way people would say about the dialogue between Belarus and Russia more than once. In addition, about the communication of the two Presidents. They met twice only in June. The leaders warmly greeted each other. Then they spent a few minutes for making photos for a protocol, and then there were bilateral negotiations. The conversation between the politicians took about two hours. True, most of it was held behind closed doors, keeping journalists away.


Obviously, there was something to discuss. Of course, the economy is at the forefront. The dynamics of trade is positive. There are 32 billion USD now, and there are 40 billion USD expected. Vladimir Putin even mentioned the figure of 50 billion. The fact that a constructive dialogue in all areas will be continued, and we will always find compromises in resolving disputable issues, was confirmed by the two Presidents.



Alexander Lukashenko, President of the Republic of Belarus:

‘We need to ensure a further growth of trade relations between the two countries, including by means of the creation of an equal competitive environment. We also talked about the importance of coordinating the work of foreign affairs agencies. Our countries adhere to common positions on major world problems and support each other in international organizations. It'll be this way forever. The implementation of the program of coordinated actions in the field of foreign policy for 2018-2019 remains important. We will continue to coordinate approaches to the problems of regional and common European security and to jointly counter new challenges and threats.

All the key issues of the Supreme State Council of the Union State are in one material. The report of STV


Vladimir Putin, President of the Russian Federation:

‘There are tasks to improve the business climate, eliminate remaining barriers and restrictions on the way of free movement of goods, services, capital and labor and harmonization of the normative-legal basis among the priorities. Russia and Belarus intend to pursue a coordinated macroeconomic policy; a monetary, currency, price and tax policy.

We agreed with the Belarusian partners to activate cooperation in the area of industry and expand the production of science-intensive products.’



All these areas the Russian President listed with the purpose. Priority areas and top-priority tasks for the development of the Union State are approved up to 2022. They are coordinated, macroeconomic, industrial and budgetary policies, a deepening of trade and economic relations, the reduction of barriers, withdrawals, restrictions, the development of an integrated transport system and the formation of a single fuel and energy market. Already now we are building the Belarusian nuclear power plant together, we want to produce a union tractor. We also need to recall an industrial cooperation.’



Alexey Sokol, Vice Chairman of the Standing Committee on Economic Policy of the National Assembly of Belarus:

The points of growth in our country are machine building, instrument making and IT area. There is a very serious development of the Park of High Technologies, this is a huge potential. There is an opening of innovative productions. We see interest from Russia.



Many Belarusian and Russian enterprises are connected by "union ties" firmly. For example, now the development of a smart car is in full swing. The program “Autoelectronics” got the green light in 2016. 11 enterprises and scientific institutes take part in it only in Belarus. We can say that this is the holy of holies. Here is the development of special sensors that will monitor the level of contamination of engine oil.



Denis Stasenko, Engineer of the Electronic Engineering Center of OJSC “Integral”:

‘Thanks to the sensor, we can know the time of oil wear and when it needs to be changed. That is, it will not change in accordance with time, but when the oil is worn out. We will be able to considerably save on the timely change of oil.




Soon the development will be tested on Belarusian combines. The scientist are going to share the first results already in the end of 2018. However, there is a few of such points of contact. And it will be more. The Union Prize in the field of science and technology, approved at the meeting of the Supreme State Council, will certainly become an impetus to new developments.


Alexander Shumilin, Chairman of the State Committee on Science and Technology of Belarus:

‘Today we are carrying out the projects, for example, DNA identification, global things in the field of mechanical engineering and radio electronics. It sounded that Belarus had not badly saved its developments in the field of machine-tool construction. It's not a secret that Russia imports more machines and tools. We need to create our own robots and transfer our industry to a completely different level.


In total, the agenda of the meeting of the Supreme State Council included 9 points. It was noticeable, that both leaders were pleased by the overture to the football battles of Russia and Egypt, as Alexander Lukashenko called the Minsk meeting. By the way, the two Presidents already agreed to meet again. In October, Vladimir Putin is expected to come to Mogilev at the Forum of Regions.


The source: STV