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Visual cap, 3D printer and energy efficient house. STV’s reportage on “Technological Intelligence 2018” contest

Visual cap, 3D printer and energy efficient house. STV’s reportage on “Technological Intelligence 2018” contest

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Visual cap, 3D printer and energy efficient house. STV’s reportage on “Technological Intelligence 2018” contest

Belarusian news. National youth contest “Technological Intelligence 2018” held in Minsk, by News “24 Hours”, STV 

More than 200 young people aged from 14 to 18 presented their developments. Aircraft models, ship models, auto models and technical devices are among them. Some of them are already applied in business.


Artiom Ryzhkin, a participant of “Technological Intelligence” contest:

‘There are three rollers. A central roller is power. We press it, creating a deformation on the center, and we create a curve turning over the wheels.’


For housekeeping and production. The author tells about the use of a “pipe-curver”. A schoolboy from the region of Volkovysk invented it himself and he has already made a base for a greenhouse at his home.

Artiom Ryzhkin:

‘The swing was created due to this pipe-curver. It was very easy. Turners from the collective farm helped to weld and turn this.’


The invention of Danila is not less technological. His 3D printer was shown to the President. The device is cheaper than analogues and ultramobile.


Danila Yeliseyev, a participant of “Technological Intelligence” contest: ‘I can control the process completely by the cell phone. For example, being in Moscow, I can launch it at home to print the model and at the same time watch it printing.’

Dmitry Boyarovitch, STV: ‘This is an author of this “vision” cap, an ordinary schoolboy from Berezino. The head dress helps to orientate for the people with a defective vision. The device starts vibrating at a distance of 5 meters from the obstacle.’

The contest is held for the ninth time. More than 200 schoolchildren take part in the contest. The youngest participant is only 14 years old.

Oleg Gusev, vice-chancellor on educational works at BNTU:

‘Those boys and girls participating in the contest today, will become managers of large enterprises tomorrow. They will be managers of our technical branch tomorrow.’


Sergey Sachko, director of the National Center of Innovative and Technical Creativity:

‘These are talented young people from the whole country. They show their best developments. We should support them in every way.’

There are many favorable conditions for the implementation of innovative ideas. For example, technological parks. By the way, they received new benefits and rights. This is provided by the decree of the President signed the day before.

Alexander Shumilin, Chairman of the state Committee on Science and Technology:

‘There are 24 innovation infrastructure entities today. Last year we created four technology parks. There are already technology parks in all region centers. Today we have been considering the possibilities of the creation of such sites in district centers.’


By the way, the authors of best projects will get a right to enter BNTU with benefits. This is one of the bonuses providing for big prospects for young developers.’


The source is STV