Alexander Shumilin: 26 State Innovative Development Program projects based on the use of domestic technologies

2/10/17 7:41 PM / Views:1761

75 export-oriented innovative projects on the creation of new businesses and industries, including 30 projects based on technologies of the 5th and 6th  technological structures are included in the State Innovation Development Program of the Republic of Belarus for 2016-2020. At the same time, 26 projects of this program are based on the use of domestic technologies. This was announced today at the meeting of the Board by Alexander Shumilin, the Chairman of the SCST. According to him, more than 70% of the total funding of SIDP will be sent to these projects, indicating the concentration of resources in this area.

He also said that the State Program is open and will be annually updated with new innovative projects within the available funding. It should also be noted that the SIDP includes 14 events for the development of innovation infrastructure. It is expected to form a network of science and technology parks and technology transfer centers, covering all regions of the country within the framework of the State Program.

By the way, 74 innovation projects included in the State program were implemented in 2016. It resulted that 8 new productions were put into operation, including:

in the field of mechanical engineering (the production of cylinder liners, including a bimetallic type for internal combustion engines and compressors for railway, special equipment and dual-purpose equipment for the enterprise "Technolit";

the manufacture of automated equipment of ion-plasma cementation (carbonitriding) surface details in the interests of Engineering Organizations of the Physical-Technical Institute of the NAS of Belarus;

the production of gerotor pumps for the installation in the transmission of wheel tractors and road construction equipment at “Dozator-Plus” enterprise);

in the field of agro-technology (whey processing plant and the production of whey fat concentrate in Shchuchin;

the production of laminated glass and coated glass at "Gomelsteklo" enterprise in the construction industry);

in the field of medicine (the serial production of artificial mechanical heart valves of the new generation with improved performance characteristics that meet the requirements of international standards at the company “Plant “Electronmash”;

the laboratory infrastructure for the quality control of bio analogues and the evidence of their similarity to the original biological medicines at the enterprise “Belmedpreparaty”);

in the field of alternative energy (the wind energy park in the Novogrudok district of the Grodno region), etc.

7 productions were put at the estimated capacity.

According to Alexander Shumilin, there was also a considerable work on the development of the National Innovation System of the Republic, and its institutions and the legislation was improved in this area during the reporting period. The activities such as exhibitions, exchanges and forums are systematically organized in order to establish direct business contacts, to exchange the experience and to establish mutually beneficial economic relations between innovative activity entities of the SCST.

In 2016 the SCST organized 12 national expositions of scientific and technical and innovation development of Belarus at international exhibitions and fairs. As a result, 16 contracts totaling more than 3 million USD  were concluded. The agreements worth more than 13.5 million USD are at the pre-contract stage.

The work on the development of the innovation infrastructure was continued during the reporting period. As a result, it was created 5 new innovation infrastructure entities (1 Science and Technology Park - Polesie technological park under the Polesie State University in Pinsk; 3 Centers for Technology Transfer: the Transfer Center of Medical and Pharmaceutical Technologies at the Vitebsk State Medical University, the Grodno Center of Scientific and Technical and Business Information; the Research and Analysis Centre for Information and Innovation and Technology Transfer in Mogilev. The innovative infrastructure entity status was assigned to the Belarusian innovation Fund).

At present, the compositions of works on 15 SSTP were developed and approved. The SCST also coordinated 6 regional scientific and technical programs. In 2016 17 state, 10 branch and 3 regional scientific and technical programs, including 707 jobs and 37 production output plans on the developments completed in the last five-year period were implemented in 2016. 92 jobs were completed, 188 innovations were adopted, 6 new productions were created and 9 productions were modernized within the framework of scientific and technical programs within R&W.

The following developments can be mentioned among the implemented ones within the SSTP.

The pilot pattern of the electric bus was created within the SSTP “Machine Building and Machine Building Technologies” of the JSC “Belkommunmash”.

In 2016 BelAZ started creating a hydromechanical drive of the capacity of up to 500 kW with an automatic control and diagnostic system for the road construction equipment. Also, the work was started in the past year with the purpose of the creation of an energy efficient control system with a traction electric variable-DC for trucks with carrying capacity of 110-220 tons.

The Joint Institute of Mechanical Engineering of the NAS of Belarus together with the enterprise "KUVO" made a series of samples of the installation of car windows and held their certification.

A significant progress was achieved in the field of optical machine-tools by Belarusian specialists. The enterprise "KBTEM-OMO" together with scientists of BSUIR developed and mastered a laser optical-immersion system for generating microstructures and nanostructures in the production. 100% of production is exported.

Display design bureau prematurely started the production of display modules for multi-functional aviation indicators and touch aircraft video monitors (more than 90% for exports).

The aviation complex for the needs of the Ministry of Emergency Situations with a range of 290 km of application was developed within the SSTP "Robotic Systems and Aerospace Technology".

It is expected to put into operation new productions by 15 projects; to provide access to the full capacity of 10 projects in the framework of the State Innovation Development Program in 2017.

This year the following productions are expected to be created:

the innovation and production complex in the field of complicated medical equipment, security systems, non-destructive testing equipment and the analytical Instrumentation Company "Adani";

the general industry and food production of 3D printers in the industrial park of the Belarusian National Technical University "Polytechnic";

the manufacture of articles of industrial, special and dual purpose on the basis of advanced technology of encapsulation of integrated circuits at the enterprise "INTEGRAL";

the creation of a biotechnological complex for micropropagation of economically useful plants in Central Botanical Garden.

The serious attention will be paid also to improve the efficiency of the functioning of the innovation infrastructure. The anticipated increase in funding of the organization and development of the material-technical base of the innovation infrastructure is expected to be not less than by five times compared to 2016 year. In addition, the procedure for the registration of these entities is expected to be improved and to expand the tools of the state support.