Alexander Shumilin congratulated first-year students of BNTU on Day of Knowledge

9/1/17 2:42 PM / Views:736

Alexander Shumilin, Chairman of the State Committee on Science and Technology of the Republic of Belarus, took part in the solemn events of the Belarusian National Technical University and congratulated the freshmen on the Day of Knowledge. He wished high results in studies, achievements in creativity and sports to the gifted children.

‘A new life stage, full of discoveries and interesting events, starts for you. There are wonderful years of study ahead. I wish you diligence and perseverance!’ Alexander Shumilin said.

He also noted that the quality education is one of the main priorities for the development of Belarus. The most important potential for the development of any university, including the commercialization of scientific results, is dynamic and creative youth. According to A. Lukashenko, President of our country: ‘At present, the sustainability of the development of the states is determined not only and not so much by the resources, such as oil, gas or gold reserves. The breakthrough technologies and new industries that create a knowledge economy, are main ... The knowledge economy and the professionals who sincerely love their homeland ensure the country's competitiveness.’

BNTU is the flagship of engineering education and makes a significant contribution to the implementation of the state innovation policy.

Annually about 60 new materials, technologies, progressive instruments and plants, software complexes for machine building, metallurgy, construction, power engineering, instrument making, transport, medicine and mining industry are created at the university.

Thus, the production of 3D printers, which have a lower cost due to the use of their own original design solutions and advanced technologies is organized at BNTU (for the first time in the Republic). A software package for automating the calculation of construction costs was developed at BNTU, and it is used by more than 700 enterprises and organizations of the Republic. This package enables to reduce the time for the preparation of budget documentation for construction and repair objects by almost 20%.

The scientific bases of the intensive energy saving in industry were developed, which provides a reduction in the specific energy consumption to 40%, and much more.