International Center opened in Polytechnic Technology Park of BNTU

8/3/17 1:14 PM / Views:1022

Today an international center was opened on the basis of the Republican Innovation Unitary Enterprise "Polytechnic Scientific and Technology Park of BNTU". The solemn events were attended by Alexander Shumilin, Chairman of the State Committee on Science and Technology of the Republic of Belarus. According to him, much attention is paid to the creation of the necessary infrastructure in the State Program of Innovative Development of Belarus, in addition to putting a hope in the large production rates and large innovative projects. ‘We want to increase the contribution of small and medium-sized innovative entrepreneurship to the development of the economy. We have talented young people, so we need to create the infrastructure that will enable young innovators to turn their ideas into a prototype, start a business, create a production and then scale it. It is also important to develop the international cooperation in the field of science and innovation. Therefore, we have completed the construction and open today the international center on the basis of Polytechnic technological park of BNTU,’ he said.

There is one of the largest centers of cooperation with China in the field of science and technology in the Technology Park of BNTU. ‘The creation of the international center is a new impetus for the development of joint projects. The new site fits into the overall concept. Ideas and start-ups will emerge in the technological park, which will further develop in the business incubator of Velikiy Kamenh Chinese-Belarusian industrial park. The successful projects will be scaled, the large-scale production will be created both in Belarus and in China,’ Alexander Shumilin added. Technology Parks in Belarus are given special attention as sites for the organization of innovative and high-tech industries. ‘Today, 1,500 people work in technological parks. A decision was taken to create an industrial park in Grodno. Last year, all technological parks produced innovative products for almost 40 million USD. Almost 99% of products in many industrial parks are innovative products’ the Chairman of the SCST said. Over the past five years, the number of jobs and the output of innovative products in resident organizations of the technology parks of Belarus more than doubled.

In turn, Yuri Alekseev, Director General of the Technology Park, stressed that Polytechnic is actively developing the scientific and innovative cooperation with the countries that are strategic partners of Belarus in the field of science and technology. ‘The opening of the international center creates the necessary base for this activity,’ he said. Thus, on the basis of the technological park, the State Committee on Science and Technology, in cooperation with the Ministry of Education, has already opened the bilateral centers of scientific and technical cooperation with the countries such as Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and China, BelTA informs.

It should also be noted that today under the auspices of the State Committee on Science and Technology a nationwide meeting will be held with the participation of the directors of technological parks, the leaders and specialists of the republican government, the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, higher education institutions and enterprises. Within the framework of the seminar, it is planned to discuss the issues of the further development of the national innovation infrastructure, as well as the improvement of the regulatory and legal framework.

Reference: Currently, 21 innovation infrastructure entities operate in the Republic, including 11 technology parks, 9 technology transfer centers and the Belarusian Innovation Fund (the status of the innovative infrastructure entity is awarded by the Decree of the Head of State). The State Program of Innovative Development of the Republic of Belarus for 2016-2020 includes 14 events for the development of the innovation infrastructure.