Minsk hosts International Symposium on Powder Metallurgy- Surface Engineering, New Composite Materials and Welding

4/5/17 3:49 PM / Views:1075

More than 100 people from 9 countries are participating in the 10th International Symposium on Powder Metallurgy: Surface Engineering, New Composite Materials and Welding, which is taking place in Minsk today. The conference is attended by Alexander Shumilin, the Chairman of the State Committee on Science and Technology of the Republic of Belarus. In his speech he noted that there are significant developments in the field of metalworking, welding and cutting, powder metallurgy and corrosion protection, which would not have been possible without the active participation of science and the introduction of scientific research results in the production in Belarus.

‘Today Belarusian science plays a key role in building the knowledge economy implementing the strategy of the innovative development based on the introduction of the best results of scientific research and development in the real sector of the economy corresponding to the highest technological structures,’ Alexander Shumilin said. According to him, the powder metallurgy has many advantages: it is an obtaining of materials that are difficult or impossible to obtain by other methods, and an obtaining of products with the highest technical and economic performance.

It should be noted that the specialists of the National Research Institute of BNTU developed a composite material and a technology of its application for expansion joints. In addition, powder low-alloy steel and a technology for manufacturing working parts of oil pumps of the gerotor type with the pressure up to 60 bar within the implementation of the tasks of the state scientific and technical programs were developed in the SSI “Institute of Powder Metallurgy”.

In addition, the National Scientific Institution “Physical-Technical Institute” of the NAS of Belarus also developed the composite materials and the technologies for the production and application of diamond grinding tools for high-speed processing of glass and ceramics. A diamond-abrasive tool with a microporous ceramic bond with a controlled cutting capacity for high-speed diamond finishing grinding and super-hard composite materials based on it was also developed.