SCST and Ministry of Science, ICT and Prospective Planning of the Republic of Korea signed Memorandum on Cooperation

4/12/17 9:03 AM / Views:1198

The State Committee on Science and Technology of the Republic of Belarus and the Ministry of Science, ICT and Prospective Planning of the Republic of Korea signed the Memorandum on Cooperation in the field of science, technology and innovation. The document was signed by Alexander Shumilin and Chkhve Yan Hi, the managers of agencies. According to the document, the Republic of Belarus and the Republic of Korea will develop scientific and technical cooperation in the field of advanced technologies, including information and communication technologies, fundamental and applied research. First, it is about the interaction in the priority areas of science, technology and innovation (engineering, industrial and building technologies and production, information technology, optics, medicine and medical technology, pharmacy, chemical technologies, nanotechnology and biotechnology, new materials, electronics, water management technologies, natural resource management technologies and energy technologies).

The Belarusian delegation headed by Alexander Shumilin, Chairman of the State Committee on Science and Technology, is on a visit to Seoul (the Republic of Korea) on April 10-13. The program of the visit includes meetings and negotiations at Samsung Electronics, the Institute for the Promotion of Science and Technology, the Korean Institute of Energy Studies, the National Research Foundation, the Korean Advanced Research and Technology Institute, Pange Technological Park, Dongsung Pharm and other scientific and innovative organizations. The issues of joint scientific and technical measures, mutual transfer of technologies and supplies of Belarusian high-tech products to the Republic of Korea, including medicines, medical equipment, microelectronics, nondestructive testing devices, polymers for 3D printing, dosimetry monitoring devices for nuclear power engineering objects will be discussed.