Spanish organizations interested in Belarusian developments in the field of new materials and additive technologies

2/17/17 4:33 PM / Views:1094

The investment and scientific-technical organizations of Spain became interested in the Belarusian developments in the field of new materials and additive technologies, as well as new magnet materials and products based on them in the course of TRANSFIERE International Specialized Exhibition-Forum in the field of science, technology and innovation. By the way, some technological decisions in the field of magnet materials can be successfully projected on the Spanish producers of railway transport.

By the way, the biggest interest was also paid to the newest scientific developments of the scientists of the National Academy of Science in the field of agricultural sector, catalyzers, means of nondestructive control and information and communication technologies.

Hi-tech projects and developments of BSUIR and BNTU, presented at the National Exposition, drew attention of 11 foreign companies from Spain, Brazil and Great Britain.


The issues of patenting developments within the EU, the use of scientific and radio electronic facilities, as well as the subject area of joint scientific research, including within Horizon 2020, the program of the EU were discussed with the representatives of these companies. The presented projects and developments of the universities are going to be put on the informational resource of the Spanish Scientific-Technological Park Association.

The biggest interest among the attendants and participants of TRANSFIERE International Specialized Exhibition-Forum was drawn by the innovation project of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment Protection of Belarus on the development of an automated system of control of radiation environment in the area of influence of the Belarusian NPP, as well as the presentation of this data on the basis of the all-European system of the exchange of radiological data of EURDEP. According to the assessment of the experts, the presented information favors the formation of the positive perception of the issue of the construction of the Belarusian NPP.

TRANSFIERE International Specialized Exhibition-Forum is one of the leading exhibitions in Europe in the field of science, technology and innovation. It is held in Malaga (the kingdom of Spain) on February 15-16. The Belarusian delegation headed by the Chairman of the SCST Alexander Shumilin actively participates in the events of TRANSFIERE: there are more than 100 hi-tech and science-intensive developments and exhibits at the National Exposition of the Republic of Belarus.