Submission of applications for National Contest of Innovative Projects prolonged till October 1

9/7/17 1:25 PM / Views:616

The deadline for the submission of applications for the participation in the National Contest of Innovative Projects was prolonged till October 1. As of September 5, there were 109 applications submitted, including 39 projects for the participation in Best Innovative Project nomination and 70 projects for Best Youth Innovative Project nomination.

The biggest quantity of applications, 26 projects, were submitted for “Informatics, Informatization and Space Research”. “Socioeconomic Sciences, Humanitarians and Social Sciences” and “Nature Management and Ecology” are on the second place. “Medical Sciences and Technologies” (15 projects) are on the third place.

The contest is held for the 8th time in two nominations. The participants can be legal entities and individuals. Only the individuals aged up to 35 can participate in the nomination “Best Youth Innovative Project”. The prospective innovative projects with the detailed elaborated strategy of the implementation (commercialization) and corresponding to priority areas of scientific-technical activities in the Republic of Belarus are considered within the contest.

Diplomas and a money prize in the amount of 60 first-class tariff rates (1980 rubles) are given to the winners and prize-takers for the first place. The prizes to the amount of 40 and 20 tariff rates are given for the second and the third places, respectively. The projects, which will receive a certificate to the amount of 400 tariff rates (13200 rubles) are selected for the further commercialization of the results of the projects.