The 73rd session of the Economic Committee of the CIS held in Moscow

3/17/17 11:59 AM / Views:1043

The Belarusian delegation, headed by Alexander Shumilin, the Chairman of the State Committee on Science and Technology of the Republic of Belarus, participates in the 73rd meeting of the CIS Economic Committee, which is held today in Moscow (the Russian Federation). The issues of the implementation of the Interstate Program for Innovative Cooperation of the CIS Member States for the period up to 2020 in 2016, as well as the list of pilot innovative projects of the program, are considered at the meeting.

According to the Chairman of the SCST Alexander Shumilin, currently about 10 projects are being implemented within the program, they affect the important areas of the economy of the CIS countries, such as information and telecommunication technologies, nanomaterials, aerospace and transportation systems, health, environmental management, production technologies, energy efficiency and energy saving.

‘In fact, the stages of research and development works have already been carried out or are being carried out with the attraction of budgetary means, and the projects are entering the commercialization stage with the involvement of the budgetary financing of our states.

The pilot projects implemented within the program are different in the subject areas, the volume and the content, but they are important as a mechanism for the restoration of lost or weakened scientific and professional ties in the scientific community in the CIS space,’ he stressed.

It should be noted that all pilot projects unite the main trend of the program, which is an integration of the intellectual, technological, production and financial potential of the CIS countries in order to create the products and technologies that are competitive on world markets. For example, an expert system will be developed to assess the pollution of the geological environment with oil products and to manage the works on its restoration based on the principles of self-organization with the participation of organizations from Belarus, Russia and Kazakhstan as a result of the project "Development of Expert System for Rehabilitation of Geological Environment Contaminated with Petroleum Products Based on Principles of Self-Organization for CIS Member States". The pilot project "Development and Certification of Multi-Purpose Aerospace Forecasting Monitoring System, as well as Creation of Services for Integrated Presentation of Warning Information on Natural and Man-Made Emergency Situations in Conjunction with Semantic and Geospatial Data on its Basis " with the participation of organizations from Russia, Armenia, Belarus and Kazakhstan is aimed at the creation of technical and software means for the reliable fixation of precursors of natural disasters and man-made disasters, the necessary parameters for the metrological, cartographic and methodological support of forecast estimates.

It is expected to enter the production of new catalysts for the systems of steam conversion of hydrocarbon feedstocks into hydrogen fuel, membranes for the separation systems of hydrogen-containing fuel, new materials based on intermetallic compositions titanium-aluminum-niobium within the pilot project "Research and Development of High-Power Effects of Concentrated Energy Fluxes for Formation of Surface Layers with Amorphous, Nanocrystalline and Intermetallic Structure for Products Used in Hydrogen Energy and Industrial Ecology".

Alexander Shumilin also said that the active work is already underway to formulate the list of projects for the "second stage" of the program. ‘This issue is constantly considered at the meetings of the Interstate Council. The operator of the program, the Russian Skolkovo Foundation, has prepared a preliminary list of 43 projects announced by Russian organizations.  11 projects of them are in the field of agriculture and 11 ones are in the field of medicine,’ he said.

The projects of the second stage include the ones with a high readiness for commercialization funded from extra budgetary sources. The information on these projects was sent to the National Contact Points of the Interstate Program with the purpose of finding partner organizations from other CIS countries. The object of attention of the representatives of business and financial structures of the CIS member states can also be the scientific and technical programs of the Union State and the CIS Interstate Program planned for 2016-2020.

The program of the visit of Moscow also envisages the participation of Alexander Shumilin in the plenary session of the International Economic Forum of the CIS member states "The CIS: Glance into the Future" and the address with the report.