The best employees of the National Scientific Technical Library congratulated at the SCST

4/19/17 10:46 AM / Views:899

Alexander Shumilin, Chairman of the State Committee on Science and Technology of the Republic of Belarus, awarded to the best employees of the National Scientific-Technical Library honorary diplomas for faithful labor and in connection with the 40th anniversary of the foundation of the library. He noted that the NSTL is the largest modern center on science, engineering and technology. At present, the total fund of the library is almost 55 million documents, and the annual stocking of library funds is more than 700 thousand documents. ‘The National Scientific-Technical Library is the largest library in accordance with the volume among the libraries of the Republic, and it possesses the biggest funds of scientific-technical literature, industrial catalogues, patent and technological normative documents in the country. Its information influence extends to the scientific, technical and production areas of the national economy and their innovative development,’ Alexander Shumilin said.

It should be noted that the library is constantly evolving: on the one hand, it seeks new opportunities and forms of work with its audience, on the other hand, it combines the features of a traditional library. There is internet, electronic catalogues and library internet websites. The library and information infrastructure is rapidly developing.


Today the NSTL is not inferior to similar foreign libraries in terms of ensuring the availability of information and the level of the development and implementation of information technologies. By the way, new information technologies opened huge opportunities for the library. The modern library specialist possesses the knowledge and skills in the field of informatics, linguistics and knowledge management. He is well-equipped with information and communication technologies.

Now librarians are increasingly busy evaluating, interpreting and filtering information, establishing certain links between information arrays, which sometimes do not even have to do with this library, in order to provide the most simple and comfortable access to a wide range of information.


Reference: the NSTL is the state depository of the literature on technology. It has an only complete patent fund with a sufficient chronological depth that meets all the requirements for holding a patent research.

Acting as one of the guarantors of Belarus' compliance with the terms of the Paris Convention for the Protection of Industrial Property, the NSTL adequately performs the function of the central repository of patents for inventions, utility models, industrial designs and trademarks in Belarus.

Annually 20,000 readers and more than 2,000 enterprises and organizations of about 300 settlements of the Republic use library services. For a year, the number of visits to the NSTL by its users is almost 500,000. Practically, there is no large organization in Belarus that does not use the NSTL funds and services to solve its scientific and production tasks.