SSSTI definition

The STI system of the Republic of Belarus (SSSTI) is a totality of interacting information bodies ensuring collection, storage, processing and dissemination of scientific-technical information, and it’s one of the important components of the national innovation system.

The scientific-technical information (STI) is information about documents and facts generated during scientific, scientific-technical, innovative and public activities. The STI is presented in print or electronically by scientific-technical literature (books, brochures, periodicals, conference proceedings, etc.), patent and other information on industrial property, standards and other normative-technical information, design-engineering documentary, non-published materials (reports on research and development works, dissertations and deposit manuscripts), documents of obligatory governmental accounting and other official documents.

The national innovative system (NIS) is a system of interconnected institutions for generation, storage and transfer of knowledge, craftsmanship and experience and instruments which determine new technologies.

The goal of the SSSTI is development and meeting information needs of the subjects of the NIS in the STI.

The main functions of the SCST are collection of the STI from its basic sources (generators); processing, storage, dissemination and support of access to information resources in the field of the STI.

The SSSTI unites a number of organizations. Their main tasks are the support of formation and efficient use of state resources of the STI, the integration of them into the world information area and the assistance to the establishment of a market of information products and services.

The main components of the SSSTI are:

- Organizational structure (including libraries, archives, information centers, etc.);

- Normative legal and methodic basis;

- Information resources including documentary funds of documents in the traditional form or electronic form, online services of electronic information delivery, electronic catalogues and full-text databases.

- Telecommunication networks and means of delivery of information including internet access;

- Human resources (qualified specialists in the field of information technologies and information workers);

- Information technologies (data-retrieval systems, program means of information collection, storage, processing, search, provision and protection);


The SSSTI structure includes:

- National information centers;

- Library structure;

- Sectorial centers and STI services;

- Regional STI centers;

- The system of publication and dissemination of scientific-technical literature;

- Information and telecommunication infrastructure.


Organization structure of the SSSTI

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