Scientific and technical Libraries


National Library of Belarus


Funds of the NSTL include about 8.6 million specimens are unparalleled in accordance with their content. The funds comprehend printed editions, manuscripts, microcopies of documents, electronic and other materials, created in Belarus and overseas in more than 50 languages. The fund of journals and national, Russian and CIS continued editions number nearly 1.8 million units. The national documentary consists of more than 200 thousand documents. There are sets of magazines, works, collections, reports, scientific notes and other materials of the ancient National Academy of Sciences, scientific institutions and institutions of higher education.

The fund of foreign journals and continued editions arouses interest. It numbers nearly 1 million documents. There are leading journals of many science areas in all of the European languages.  The editions of the UN and other international organizations are richly stored covering their activity in various regions of the world there.

The fund of dissertations  and author’s abstracts  of dissertations is presented by manuscripts of dissertations defended in Belarus (since 1994), its electronic copies, microfilms of dissertations defended in the USSR (more than 108 thousand storage units), author’s abstracts   of dissertations (more than 800 thousand) defended in the territory beginning since 1993.

The work on digitization of the retrospective section of the fund has been carried out there. “Electronic Library of Dissertations Defended in the Republic of Belarus” comprehending more than 1.2 thousand documents has been realized since September of 2006.

Electronic information resources are presented by access to 107 databases, the CD-Rom  collection numbering  nearly 2.5 thousand storage units and the resources of its own generation. They are full-text, abstract, factographic, graphic and bibliographic information covering an array of human knowledge on the whole, separate science branches and practice, such as:  Economy, History, Statistics, Law, Biology, Geography, Environment Protection, Technics, Medicine, etc.


National scientific and scientific-technical libraries


Central Scientific Library of the NAS of Belarus named after Y. Kolas  (CSL of the NAS of Belarus) is a head library in the area of information support of

Belarusian science. The CSL of the NAS of Belarus possesses the fullest collection of national scientific documents which is the biggest and unique in many ways fund of foreign scientific literature.

The universal funds of the library number more than 4.8 million documents of various areas: scientific literature and science-fiction of versatile subjects, reference-bibliographical editions, rare editions and manuscript archives of outstanding people of science and art. The library has the widest book-exchange network in the Republic, carries out the exchange of books with 529 partners of 55 countries of the world. The National Scientific-Technical Library  (NTSL) is a librarian-informational center where you can find the fullest information on many issues of science and production.

At present, the NTSL is a national depository of documents on engineering and economy. It comprises: the fund of domestic and  foreign scientific-technical documents;

universal National patent fund meeting the requirements of the Convention of Paris on Industrial Property Protection (Belarus has been a participant of the mentioned Convention since June 22, 1993). It gives an opportunity to carry out a full-fledged    infringement search of a quite chronological intensity;

fund of normative-technical documents for standardization of universal topics and is unparalleled comparing with other libraries of the country;

national fund of industrial catalogues.

The total fund of the NTSL and its 5 regional centers comprehend more than 42 million documents. The national patent fund  (NPF) functioning within the National Scientific-Technical Library. It is an only center possessing the full fund of patent documents  and numbers more than 26 million documents of 69 countries  and 6 international organizations in 40 languages in hard-copy forms, microfilms, optical CD-ROMs and DVDs.  The patent fund of was given a status of inter-Republic basic territorial patent fund in 1987.  The activity of the national patent fund is multifaceted. It includes:

- formation of the patent fund  (acquisition, stocktaking, cataloging and organization);

- formation of the means of patent search and information-retrieval apparatus (IRA);

- organization of the service system for specialists;

- rendering of information products and services.

Acquisition of the patent fund has been carried out on the basis of editing organizations of the Russian patent, Belarusian Post, foreign editing organizations and international exchange. Fruitful collaboration has been formed with the National Center of Intellectual property. In accordance with international agreements concluded with patent departments, the library receives patent bulletins of 33 countries and 2 international organizations by interchange  and simultaneously sends patent bulletins of the Republic of Belarus to 37 countries and 3 international organizations. Descriptions of inventions of Poland, France and Japan , bibliographic information about patents for  inventions of the USA and France and information about trademarks of the USA are also  received by interchange.


Regional Scientific-Technical Libraries


Regional scientific-technical libraries have been established with the purpose of improvement of information support in  Brest, Vitebsk, Gomel , Grodno and Mogilev as library branches of the NSTL. The NSTL supplies the funds of these regional scientific-technical libraries with annual retrospective sets of descriptions of inventions of the Russian Federation and the sets of abstract Russian-language information about foreign inventions recorded on CD-ROM. At the same time official patent bulletins of the Republic of Belarus, periodicals, patent-legal editions of the National Center of Intellectual Property, classification materials and patent-legal literature edited by the Russian patent are received.


Branch Libraries


Branch libraries hold a specific place on the branch level of the System of STI (the Belarusian Agricultural library named after I. S. Lupinovitch of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, the National Scientific Medical Library, etc. ). These libraries meet requirements for information of various areas and practical activities on the basis of appropriate funds and information retrieval apparatus. They are subdivided into social-political, scientific-technical, medical, agricultural, etc.


Scientific-Technical Libraries of the Institutions of Higher Education of the Republic of Belarus


A considerable part of domestic and foreign documents in accordance with the area of studying  in the institution and the subjects of research works is concentrated in scientific-technical libraries of the institutions of higher education (the Belarusian State University, the Belarusian National Technical University, the Belarusian State University of Informatics and Radio Electronics, the Belarusian State Agricultural University, the Belarusian Technological University, etc.). Manuals and tutorials, reference and scientific  literature, periodicals, reference-bibliographical and normative-technical editions, unpublished and audiovisual documents, electronic editions and microforms, digitized collections and books of the rare fund are a core of this fund.

The main formation selection criteria for the documents: tutorial, scientific, historical and artistic values, practical relevance of the documents and compliance of the documents with the subject area of the institution, tasks of the scientific-technical library and needs of its users.  

Multidisciplinary fund of libraries is formed in accordance with the areas of study of the institutions.


Sections of STI and libraries of Enterprises


About 6 million scientific-technical documents of professional areas are concentrated in the sections of STI and the libraries of enterprises and organizations, research institutions, project organizations, design bureaus. In practice there are many variants of activities of certain specialists of STI or special subdivisions: under the chief engineer, the chief technologist, the bureau of technical rationalization, the bureau of new engineering, the technical department, the department of marketing, the department of patent and license work, the department of standardization and the scientific-technical library.