STI Bodies

The republican bodies of STI

The republican bodies of STI include organizations, whose task is to maintenance of formation of management and organization of national information collections, databases and data prepare and publish a signal and an overview of main science and technology fields and problems of national authorities.

At republican level formed interdisciplinary centers of information, which are simultaneously the largest information-analytical centers of Belarus.


State Organization «Belarusian Institute of System Analysis and Information Support for Scientific and Technical Sphere» (SO «BELISA») perform the state registration of R & D operated by legal entities the Republic, as well as maintaining relevant government register and Fund scientific and technical documents (NTD), depositing manuscripts of scientific works, the publication of bulletins of registered R & D, OCR and OTR and reference collections of unpublished papers (annotations of manuscripts deposited and abstracts), the final reports of research, the Foundation received STD), the magazine "News of science and technology."

SO «BELISA» is the national information center that coordinates interstate exchange of STI in the country.


Belarusian State Institute of Standardization and Certification (BelGISS) provides regulatory and technical information about the current state, interstate, international and regional standards and national standards of other states needed to create high-quality, competitive products.


National Center of Intellectual Property (NCIP) provides patent information - official publications, which include descriptions of inventions to applications and patents; abstracts and bibliographic information on utility models, industrial designs, trademarks, databases, patent-associated, patent and legal, regulatory and methodical and reference literature, materials classification and reference search tools.


Regional Centers of STI

The regional level includes regional centers GSNTI STI:
"Grodno Center for Scientific, Technical and Business Information" (Grodno);
"Gomel Center of Scientific, Technical and Business Information" (Gomel);
"Research and Analysis Centre for Information, Innovation and Technology Transfer" (Mogilev)


Branch STI centers

Chamber of Commerce of Belarus is the leading provider of business information searches and provide data on potential business partners, targeted information about domestic and foreign producers of goods and services.

Belarusian Centre of Scientific Medical Information (BelTsNMI).

Belstroyinformtsentr provides information support for the construction industry generates an automated database of manufacturers and suppliers of building products in Belarus and other CIS countries.


Departments of STI of enterprises

In departments and libraries STI of enterprises and organizations research institutes, design organizations, design bureaus has about 6 million scientific and technical publications and documents on the profile of their activities. In practice, there are many variants of individual experts on STI or special units: the chief engineer and chief technologist, Office of Technical rationalization, Office of new technology, the technical department, marketing department, department of patent and licensing activity, the department of standardization, scientific and technical library.