Information Resources of the SCST


Information Resources of SCST


The database "Information Resources of SCST" currently contains the information on the following information resources (IR): the register of high-tech products; the register of high-tech industries and enterprises; the register of accredited scientific organizations; the small innovative companies; the new technologies and developments; the organizations of the Republic of Belarus implementing scientific researches.



The list of organizations possessing a state accreditation for the collective management of property rights



The list of the linked IR will be expanded.


Search by the State research register of R & D


E-registration system of R & D


Informational and analytical materials of SCST


Databases and editions on science and innovation in the Republic of Belarus


Database "Belarusian Scientists Abroad"


Search by databases (DBs) of industrial property entities:


Search by the register of inventions


Search by the register of utility models


Search the register of industrial designs


Search by the register of trademarks and service marks


DBs of industrial property entities are the information resource used for information purposes only. The official information about the submitted applications, the registered industrial property objects and the security documents valid within the Republic of Belarus as well as the changes introduced in the state registers of industrial property is published in the official editions of the National Intellectual Property Center.



Belarusian inventions offered for the commercial use


DB “Sustainable Development”


DB “Energy Saving”


DB “Electronic Bibliographic and Reference Resources Guide”



DB “Belarusian Inventors”


DB "Belarusian Names in the History of Art"