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"We’re coming to the sixth level", an interview by Alexander Shumilin for Soyuz

Mar 30, 2017

The developments of the 5th and 6th technological structures will become a main goal of the Innovative Development Program 2020 recently approved in Belarus. The priorities are determined. In particular, a cluster of the complex medical equipment and the related products, the production of composite materials for extrusion 3D printing and unmanned aerial systems are being prepared for the creation. Certain projects will be implemented in the close cooperation with Russian colleagues. Which projects? How will the joint scientific and technical activity be constructed in the near future? The correspondent of Soyuz is talking about this with Alexander Shumilin, the Chairman of the State Committee on Science and Technology of Belarus. Alexander Shumilin: ‘Small and medium-sized innovative enterprises are the most important point of the economic growth worldwide’ BELTA Soyuz: ‘Alexander, which Belarusian-Russian projects are included in the Innovative Development Program 2020? ... » more
Alexander Shumilin tells about the innovative development of Belarus

Mar 24, 2017

How does Belarus switch to the new technological structure? Which jobs will be claimed by the innovative economy? Should we be scared of informatization and robotization? Which breakthroughs are founded by the State Program of Innovative Development of Belarus until 2020? There was a conversation in the studio of Internet TV "SB" about the new technologies, which are rapidly changing the world. The guest of the live broadcast is Alexander Shumilin, the Chairman of the State Committee on Science and Technology. » more