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Integral to develop new microcircuits by State Program, Belarusy I Rynok

Jan 8, 2018

The JSC “Integral” will create new microcircuits within the State Program of Innovative Development. This was announced by Alexander Shumilin, Chairman of the State Committee on Science and Technology, while visiting the enterprise, the press service learnt. We are talking about the creation of the production of bipolar and BiKDMOS (combined bipolar-field technological processes) of integrated microcircuits on plates with a diameter of 150 mm with design standards of 0.8 micrometers. In total, the state program includes three projects, which will be implemented at “Integral”. The production of epitaxial structures with the introduction of new technological processes and focal planes based on photosensitive devices for observation and remote sensing of the Earth are among them. Also, the company is working on a promising technology of mounting. It will be used in the production of industrial and special products. The source: Belarusy I Rynok » more
“The best ideas are profitable,” an article in SB Belarus Segodnya

Dec 27, 2017

Glove-simulator will be clinically tested in Gomel From victory to business, this could be the unofficial motto of the National Contest of Innovation Projects, which is traditionally held by the State Committee on Science and Technology already for the eighth time. The focus here are works that have already announced themselves in other contests and matured before the implementation. It is not surprising that there are many heroes of publications of SB among the names of winners and prize-winners. For example, the first place in the youth nomination was taken by Maxim Kiryanov, the third year student of the Gomel machine-building college with his development, a glove simulator for the rehabilitation after a stroke (there are 9 references to publications about him on the website only for the last year!). This time, in addition to honorary diplomas, Maxim received a grant from the SCST for the commercialization of the project. ... » more
Sergey Kilin and Alexander Shumilin told “Contours” about future of Belarusian science

Dec 18, 2017

ONT Let’s learn from our experts about the state of the science-intensity of GDP in Belarus. Sergey Kilin, Vice Chairman of the Presidium of the National Academy of Sciences, and Alexander Shumilin, Chairman of the State Committee on Science and Technology, are at the studio of “Contours”. How much percent of GDP in Belarus is spent on research? Alexander Shumilin: ‘Today it's 0.5%. This year, we expect 0.54%. The head of state decided in the third directive that we should reach 1% of the science intensity of GDP financed from the budget by 2020. The government has developed a plan for step-by-step increase in funding, primarily from the budget for scientific research. However, there is a ratio of 50/50, and today it is maintained. 50% is the budget, and 50% is the off-budget. Of course, fundamental research is more financed from the budget, but when the development reaches the stage of commercialization and introduction into production an extra budget is involved there, of course. ... » more
"Innovation branches of tomorrow", an article by A. Shumilin for Nauka I Innovatsiyi

Dec 18, 2017

The world is on the threshold of the sixth technological order. Its outlines are just beginning to take shape in the developed countries of the world, primarily in the USA, Japan and the People’s Republic of China. They are characterized by a focus on the development and application of knowledge-based technologies, or so-called high-tech ones. Biotechnologies and nanotechnologies, genetic engineering, membrane and quantum technologies, photonics, micromechanics and thermonuclear energy are within hearing. The synthesis of achievements in these areas should result in the creation, for example, of a quantum computer and artificial intelligence and, ultimately, to provide a fundamentally new level in the governance systems of the state, society and economy. Experts predict that while maintaining the current pace of the technical and economic development, the sixth technological structure will finally take shape in 2020, and it will enter the maturity phase the 2040s. ... » more