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Belarusian scientists take part in global European program on creation of batteries for electro mobiles

10/11/17 2:38 PM / Views:443


This  was announced in the course of the briefing with foreign diplomats of the Central European Initiative member-states on December 10, 24 Hours News of STV reports. 

The meeting of the participants of the organization will be held in Minsk on October 26.

Biotechnologies in pharmaceutics and agriculture will be the main topics of the summit. The forum provides additive opportunities for the expansion of the interaction with the European Union for Belarus, which is a Chairman of the initiative. The market of biotechnologies is considered as the one of the quick growing.

Annually it increases by 10%, and its volume may make up 1 trillion USD by 2025.

Alexander Shumilin, Chairman of the State Committee on Science and Technology of the Republic of Belarus:

‘Last year the quantity of the produced pharmaceutical products  was worth 500,000,000 USD. More than 52% of drugs were produced in Belarus. We have got our own formulas in the global tasks, such as a treatment of cancer diseases, hepatitis and other disease, which are a social scourge, and, of course, for Europe. We are looking for new points of growth for our Belarus.’

In addition, biotechnologies are one of such areas. Belarus is more actively involved in scientific projects, in particular, by Horizon 2020, a program of technologies of EU. Our domestic physicists supplied the products worth 1.5 billion USD to the Large Hadron Collider. The participation in such programs enables Belarusian science not only to receive a new experience, but also increases the competitiveness of our products.


The source: STV