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New business incubator Polytechnic opened in Minsk

8/4/17 1:50 PM / Views:1584


To transform your idea into a prototype is the main opportunity that such parks give to the younger generation.

Here, to realize your idea, you can find money (such sites unite start-ups and business investors), and in a broad sense to reach the international level. The new innovation park is only a step within the large-scale Belarusian-Chinese project.

Alexander Shumilin, Chairman of the State Committee on Science and Technology of Belarus: ‘Last year we agreed with the Ministry of Science and Technology of China on establishing a business incubator based on Velikiy Kamenh. Now we can see how these start-ups and ideas will be born in Polytechnic Technological Park and continue to be incubated in the Belarusian-Chinese business incubator within Velikiy Kamenh.’

Then the productions will be created because of the most successful projects.

Moreover, not only in Belarus, but also abroad. Last year, the residents of technological parks (there are 20 of them in Belarus in total) produced innovative developments worth 40 million USD. This year the figure will increase at times. First of all, due to Polytechnic and another new center, it is being built in Grodno.


The source is ONT channel