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Sergey Kilin and Alexander Shumilin told “Contours” about future of Belarusian science

12/18/17 4:32 PM / Views:435


Let’s learn from our experts  about the state of the science-intensity of GDP in Belarus. Sergey Kilin, Vice Chairman of the Presidium of the National Academy of Sciences, and Alexander Shumilin, Chairman of the State Committee on Science and Technology,  are at the studio of “Contours”. How much percent of GDP in Belarus is spent on research?  

Alexander Shumilin: ‘Today it's 0.5%. This year, we expect 0.54%. The head of state decided in the third directive that we should reach 1% of the science intensity of GDP financed from the budget by 2020.  The government has developed a plan for step-by-step increase in funding, primarily from the budget for scientific research. However, there is a ratio of 50/50, and today it is maintained. 50% is the budget, and 50% is the off-budget.

Of course, fundamental research is more financed from the budget, but when the development reaches the stage of commercialization and introduction into production an extra budget is involved there, of course. Organizations and enterprises should themselves invest their resources in order to put these products on production. 17% of the financing of science is international contracts and foreign grants.’  

Sergey Kilin: ‘How to combine science and production, especially the industrial sector? You cannot say that scientists sit in laboratories, scientists do not see what is being done in the village, do not see what is being done in production. Last year we have held many meetings with various ministries, where problems were considered globally. There are clusters that unite scientists of the Academy of Sciences, university science and producers. An example of such a cluster is a cluster in the field of microelectronics.’