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What Belarus will present at international exhibition in Astana?

5/29/17 3:23 PM / Views:1292


The Belarusian stand at EXPO 2017 will present the ecological transport and the combine harvester on gas fuel. Besides, the visitors will be get acquainted with the recent scientific developments: a modular purification water station, photocells, biogas plants, as well as energy-efficient building materials, according to "24 hours" news program on STV.

Let’s remind that the international exhibition will be held in Astana in the period from June 10 to September 10, and it will be dedicated to the energy future. Belarus will also present its investment projects.


Alexander Shumilin, Chairman of the State Committee on Science and Technology of the Republic of Belarus:

‘We have significant projects in which we wanted to significantly modernize our chemical industry in order to increase the processing of oil and develop our chemical area. Also, the construction of the Beshenkovichi hydroelectric power station, the use of water energy and a number of other projects in the energy sector.

It is expected that more than 110 countries, about a dozen international organizations and 70 private companies will take part in the exhibition, and 2 million people will visit EXPO 2017. The area of 400 square meters is envisaged for Belarusian exhibitors.

The possibilities of the country will be presented with the help of multimedia technologies. In addition a few info kiosks will enable you to download any interesting information directly to your gadget, and you will be able to buy products made in Belarus in the souvenir shop.

The source: 24 hours News program on STV